Installing VEGA SDK

Supported Systems

VEGA SDK supports Linux machines only. Currently the Linux distributions that support VEGA SDK are :

  • Ubuntu 18.04

  • Ubuntu 20.04

We expect other Linux distributions to work as well, provided that the user can either run our provided toolchains on them or produce their own toolchain.


To use this SDK, you will need the following software available on your Linux machine :

  • GNU Make

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt install build-essential
  • GNU Autoconf

    sudo apt install autoconf
  • Git

    sudo apt install git
  • Minicom

    sudo apt install minicom
  • VEGA Tools

Install VEGA Tools

VEGA Tools contains necessary RISC-V Toolchains to compile C/C++ programs and other utilities. To Install VEGA Tools :


Watch How to get cdac-vega GitLab access video before you clone.

git clone
cd vega-tools
cd ..

Install VEGA SDK

Clone and install VEGA SDK

git clone
cd vega-sdk
git checkout aries           *This step is only for ARIES Boards*

Updating the SDK/Tools

If you’d like to update your SDK/Tools to the latest version, go to respective directory and :

git pull


It is recommended to update VEGA Tools before you update VEGA SDK.