Building a Project

To compile an example project, say hello_world

cd examples/uart/hello_world/

If your make command end like following,

Compiling hello.c
ELF         : hello
Binary      : hello.bin
Hex         : hello.hex
Dump        : hello.dump
Files are generated in build folder.
Size information
   text        data     bss     dec     hex filename
   9352          24       0    9376    24a0 build/hello.elf

then your build is successful. After a successful build, an elf file, .bin file, .dump file and a .hex file will be created in the build/ directory. .dump file contains your program in assembly form.

Cleaning a Target Project Build Directory

The clean target can be used to restore a target project’s directory to a clean state.

make clean

This will remove the build/ directory of the target project.