Setting Up ARIES Board

Powering the board

There are three ways of powering ARIES development board. This power source can come from the USB port (J6) or it can be derived from a 7 to 12 Volt DC power supply that’s connected to the Power Jack (J8) or Pin 8 of Header (J11).

In this entire flow we recommend using micro USB, as it can be used to power the board, and can function as primary UART.

Basic connection

The basic connection of the board prior to the advanced usage (while using separate connections from GPIO’s or voltage pins to other modules) can be observed in the image attached. As seen from the following figure user needs to connect a micro USB to the connector J6.

Micro USB Connection

This connector’s primary function is to provide power to the board as well as to serve as primary UART (UART0). Once the board gets powered there will be 4 LED indications (D1, D2, D3, LD4). Once Board is powered, LD4 will blink.

If everything is correct then user can see the bootloader in the UART terminal (refer Setting Up Serial Device). The program from the user can be sent by referring Uploading Program to Target Board.